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Old 12-24-2015, 09:24 AM
Tinner's Bill Tinner's Bill is offline
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Default Malco Hammer / Quality ?

Hi, i just Wonder to know if anyone ever had the same problem of me ... I am looking to buy a Hammer, first i ordered a Estwing, when i receive it, the head was making a banana curve ... also the balance was not what i expected ...
So i ordered a Malco SH3V .... at this point i have 3 of them bought / return because they all have a bad quality, handle leans on one side, front, back face are not straight ..... i am really disappointed but at the same time i still want a Malco cause there is not much company that make this type of hammer ...

It is just a Hammer but man, where is the quality ? ( proudly american made ? )
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Old 12-28-2015, 02:03 PM
Milo Milo is offline
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You can always tried used. Like you I have found the quality of many of the new tools to be sub par. Used hammers are often found in pretty bad shape but over the years I have been able to pick up a full array of hammers (carpenter, blacksmithing, drill, etc.) for pennies on the dollar. I usually find them at yardsales, craig*****, and sometimes even e-bay. Often the quality cant be beat by anything out there today, especially the balance and "feel" in your hands. My slating hammer is a turn of the century Belden that I wouldn't trade for any of the others (new) that I have used.
I'm sure tinner's hammers are pretty rare in the wild but used ones do come up on e***. The downside is that you can not test it before you buy it but that leaves you in the same boat as the current ones that you have bought. Also a used, slightly nicked up used hammer can be dressed to almost new with a little grinding and polishing.



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