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Old 07-15-2005, 11:35 PM
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The zinc will disappear IF it is indeed Zinc. If not, you'll be left with little chunks of metal. Then, the cut/killed acid will NOT work on copper, or stainless. I repeat-- IT WILL NOT WORK-- on anything except galv. I just looked back at previous posts.. I did state this before.
As to the sally dip.
Blue it is. And if you ever get your irons red hot, grab them, and start rapidly dipping them in the sally dip. Keep doing this until you hear that sharp ring. Once you get there, your tinning should still be there. If you get past the ring to the dull thung sound, the tinning will remain, but you'll have to reheat the irons. I was floored at the times I thought I'd have to re-tin, and thought,-- what the hell, just dip it and see what happens. I got the tin back, and kept working with no interruptions. Talking about a real godsend.
As to the zinc pieces.... that is why I always just took scrap pieces of galv. metal, and used them. I'm lousy at knowing what metals do what, so if I knew something had zinc on it, I'd use it-- can't lose that way.
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