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Discussion in fabricating and use of products that move air including spiral pipe, duct board and typical sheet metal work.

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Old 01-04-2007, 10:14 PM
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Default Dryer Vent inline clean out boxes- lint reduction

Hey guys.
Hope everyone had a great christmas/kwaanza/hannakuh/etc..., and New Year.
I'm here today because I found it necessary to clean out my dryer vent pipe. What a miserable task, as any who've done it before knows.
For those of you surprised by my statements, when my house was first built, I was fully aware of just how much lint could build up, and made my own lint clean out box to place in the wall. It has 1/4" hardware cloth to reduce the amount of lint that passes through to the pipe which leads outside. While I knew that this was too large, and would allow a fair amount of lint to pass through. However, I did not want to make the screen smaller; thus making it necessary to constantly clean out the box.
While I knew that one day I'd need to clean the pipe out, I didn't think it'd be necessary for a few more years-- it'll be 7 years in 5 more weeks. Silly me, eh?
Has anyone among all of you come up with a solution to having to clean out dryer vent pipe?
Such as multiple clean out boxes, under the floor- crawl space- evenly spaced?
Whatever ideas anyone has would be appreciated.
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