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Who knows what will come up in porch conversations.

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Old 01-01-2006, 05:33 PM
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Default Happy New Year!

Lets network our resources here. There maybe many of us that could use each other in different ways..maybe product development. A source of product..I bet we could brain storm many way is to take advantage of our new website this is a very powerful tool the industry will get to be very familiar's a tool for you to showcase your sheet metal products. You pay a small annual fee and have full control of your space and listing...sell something, put something else up there and continue to price all year

At the very least..take advantage of the free business listing! We help you spread the word about waht you do!

We have made some slight changes and ad on's to the .net site. We added a site map for those who want to see the directory structure as we continue to grow, it also takes you directly to the area if you click on the links...

We have made some minor adjustments to the .net site, The classifieds are renamed to products and services, these really search and deleiver all products that those who have set up there own account area. It's free to list and there are many many categories to choose from. If you feel the list of categories does not cover where you'd like to be...drop me a line at and I'll see what I can do...

We also have much more for those who wish to join the higher levels and pay an yearly fee. It is appreciated! These are very affordable and were already getting a lot of traffic and starting to see a bit in the search engines.

Thanks much for your support and have a great new year!

More good stuff in store for this next year...
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