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Tinsmith Avenue For those seeking knowledge on past techniques used by yesteryears tinsmiths. The history of Tinsmith goes back in time farther then this place can travel, but for those who want to explore, please share your findings here.

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Old 11-21-2009, 12:17 PM
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Default lineset roof flashings

Originally Posted by cactassdupree
Originally Posted by metalbelle
i would like to get some ideas on roof flashings. we have a commercial building with fan coil units inside and heat pumps outside on the roof. what kind of options do i have for a roof jack to run our linesets through. we do get snow and rain here in Oregon so they would have to be " waterproof ". also the building has a metal roof.
Being a "commercial" roof, me being from The Great State of Florida, I'm thinking it's a Flat roof. Iuse to do the penatration like Bud explained. That is until I har the Pipe Fitters would run out the side of the box and UP to the unit. That would create a water tunnel down the pipe and into the building. Not acceptable, I now build a flashing that is square, say 8"X8". This is about 10 " tall. (i hem the top). Them I build a "shoebox that is say 8"X12" about 8 " deep. I place the shoebox on top of the flashing with about a 2"lap. This makes the fitter create a "Drip Loop" with their pipe so the water can't run in. I adjust the contraption to fit the need. I can even have multipule sides for the pipes to exit for more than 1 unit. Get it? it?? dupree :roll:
4 got to tell ya- i spray that foam stuff round the opening to keep critters out
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