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Love the sound. Music to my ears. When I needed silent stealth I put my hand over the tool belt and calmed the clanking. Never knew why my back would hurt or my left leg would go numb until after 10 years of not wearing one sided tool belts. After I switched to shoulder support straps it never bothered me again.
Dupree is like me; carry only what you need. Fairmont has a tighter turning radius because of the thinner nose.
Hope you like your new pair Marc; On sale at that place less than $30 now. Gonna order another pair just in case they stop making these one day along with a bunch of Klenk Shears and Aviations and some other tools. It would force me out of the trade if they did. I can't love going to work without my Fairmonts.
I give away an old pair a year usually at Xmas to apprentices other tools too. Still looks good as new and they can use them.
Looking for work now since I came back from overseas nada ting.
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