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Default TDC clip tool

Originally Posted by tryduck
I just have a very simple Question which relates to this , I am looking for a Good Cleat tool , meaning the one that installs the clip/clips on the seems of TDC duct so you dont have to zip screw the seems ( which strip out very easy if your not careful), I have called several HVAC places here in PA but these people act dumb founded , and have no clue as to what I am talking about , I even stopped by a few Local HVAC installers here and asked , they hadnt a clue , even asked where they purchased their tools from and their tool suppliers do not know what I am looking for even after telling they what it does. I have been wanting to replace my very worn/used one. I have had to weld it back together and after 5 years it is about useless , heck after the second tdc duct job it was this way . I feel sure others have had to weld theirs and have had the other open end strech.Heck I would settle for one like this only new but would like to get one that is of a heavier duty if I could. I really hope that someone knows what I am talk about , I dont care at this point on prices , but I sure would buy a few if I could find out where to get them. Thanks
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