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I think you may be wanting something like these.

SL1R REDLINE Snap Lock Punch

From amazon description...
Snap Lock PunchThe Malco SL1R punches a raised louvered shaped projection on a metal edge for locking into rolled edge of sheet or piece to be joined. Malco s new Redline- handles provide maximum comfort even on the toughest jobs, you have a tool built for a professional.Malco s Redline- gripped tools offer the powerful leverage of head to handle linkage, providing a more usable operation range for your hand Non-slip vinyl grips with hand stops provide added comfort and controlJoin sheet metal, duct and pipe sections economically with no need for extra hardwareMetal pieces snap together and are fastened securely with easeSnap Lock Punch features a rust resistant nickel plate and black oxide finishes, vinyl grips with hand stops for added comfort and resistance to elements, alloy steel forging with carbon steel shell, and punch impression spaced 3/8" from edge of metal

Cost less here but you pay for shipping?
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