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Default are a few spec for Cadduct..

AutoCAD-based, advanced 'ARX' (NOT Lisp) add-on solid 'intelligent' objects (resulting in smaller file sizes).
Full, customizable and expandable rectangular, round, oval and 'bought out' fitting libraries.
Full, customizable and expandable piping, plumbing, electrical and structural libraries.
2D and 3D modes (collision checking and co-ordination).
Fully 'spec' and 'service' driven, completely user-configurable.
Totally integrated (by sharing the same libraries and database) with our optional shop (CAM) and estimating (EST) modules.
Complete and expandable reporting (included 'report generator') including Bill of Materials, detail reports, etc.
'IntelliText' annotation - automatically updates size, length, elevation, etc. annotation as fitting is stretched/moved etc.
CAD/CAM Interface Software - allows downloading of data from CADDUCT to DUCTCAM (requires DUCTCAM loaded on a CAM station)
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