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Shoneyboy, thanks for the offer but I am doing good to just get a computer to work for me or do texting. I have no idea how to do Facetime or Skype.

I've not had a chance to get back to the "cone" project as I just had a rather demanding task put to me that takes priority over everything. I've got to rebuild the entire inside of Linda's horse trailers living quarters. I have to install all new wiring, add an AC roof unit, add a connection for shore power and also have it where she can run it off a generator if she wants to. In addition I have to add and inverter system so she can run off 12v battery power too. I have two weeks to have it completed. I did get my Pexto 1005 brake stripped and repainted, it looks almost like new. Next I plan to fix the Pexto 52A shear as soon as I get the BP Mills VFD wired in to I can fab another arm for the shear. I did see a neat trick about rolling cones using a 3/4 sheet of plywood with a hole cut in it to form the metal. You get the metal cut to size and wrestle it to shape by getting the small ends inside the hole and keep tapping it with dead blow hammer until the ends get close. Right now I do not have a slip roll.
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