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I thought the purpose of the rosin paper was to be a barrier to keep the the copper from reacting with the asphalt underlayment.I started using it on my jobs for that reason.I personally prefer a substructure.It is much more substantial and gives you something to fasten to,cuts down on noise and cushions against hail.In my experience the lay out is less time consuming with the structure as well.The problem that arises though is when the builder doesn,t take the care to provide a clean and true surface to attach your work to or doesn,t know how to make a proper curve or arch.Here is an example of what I am talking about.Notice how the top is arched but the sides are basically flat.It wouldn,t be so bad if I hadn,t prebuilt and preformed everything prior to arriving at the job based on given diminsions.After all the extra work it caused me,we had a basic geometry lesson on how to bisect a chord find a point and swing an arc.
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