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Originally Posted by roofermarc View Post
I wonder who ever came up with this style of hood roof. If I get my distance up and distance out, scribe a radius or curve, step off the curve in equal distances, draw a 22 1/2 % line and plot the points onto the s/o, I'm left with my pattern that is narrower at the top and wider at the bottom. The technique displayed here had to be done to skip the layout process. Not trying to bad mouth anybody's work, but I just don't think its right. Here,s another pic of what I'm talking about. To the untrained eye it would go unnoticed.
There would still be about the same amount of layout; the layout is just different. This other style would require the middle section's curvature to be elliptical and the curvature of the corner sections would have to be circular. With this other style the total mitre angle is "cut" into the corner sections' hip panels.

With the style you prefer, all three sections are circular curves and the mitre angle is split between the hip panels of the corner and middle sections. I too prefer the same style you do because it looks better when all the sections have the same curvature. However we usually don't get to build the structures we work on which pretty much governs what type of layout is required.
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