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Hi Biz
Yes you can cut out the the desired shape in the MDF and lay your sheet metal on the board. Now you have to clamp the sheet metal in place ether by another piece of MDF, with a window giving you access to your panel so you can chase/hammer into the shape cut in your hammer form. Or you can also use random pieces of wood or metal to create more clamping power. It's all about keeping the metal in one place and restricting it from deforming. Now you will still have to address the metal after you shape it into your buck. Anytime you move metal, you cause a disturbance in the surrounding areas. These have to be addressed. Understanding how the metal moves will better help you control/repair it. If you start your project, and post pictures I can help guide you threw. You will want to get familiar with stretching and shrinking. These two actions are the only changes you make to metal to make any shape.
Hope this helps.
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