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Question questions,....

So... do you mean to say that the MDF is the form against which you hammer the sheet metal to shape it?

Originally Posted by ProMetalShop View Post
Hi Biz
There are a few ways to add these waste gates. One way to accomplish this would be to get some MDF board at your local home builders supply store. Using a template, like masking paper or light cardboard, cut out your desired shape, and lay it on the fender, to check size and location. Once your satisfied, with the location, make timing marks. You can punch small holes in your template in each corner and also trace out the perimeter on to fender.
Now transfere your template to the MDF board ( multi density fiber ) and trace it out. Now you have to think ahead, leaving enough material in your vent holes to chase a finished edge.
I will try to find a close example of a recent project. I know pictures are worth so much more information. I'm not sure if I will be able to post as of yet, as this is my very first post.
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