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yes there is a lot of math, lots of blue print reading, pattern dfevelopement, pattern developement = 15 questions,(ships ventilator comes to mind, such as each gore is a seperate parralal development, 6 questions on welding and hoisting, 9 on welding processes, 17 on prepar. of sheet metal products, 24 on fabric & assem of ducts, (one question that comes to mind is a hood sizing, and the formula for the added allowence is on spec) 36 questions on install vent and airconditioning and 5 questions on servicing. know how to read blueprints, and look up specs on blueprints. Know sin cos and tangent functions, that would help out. there was a wrapper formula for an ogee ofset i had never seen before the test, 120 questions in total, just be prepared to be there for the whole time, don't panic, and a molson canadian tastes great after the test in the local school bar, so does 2, 3, 4,............. there are some question that come t mind, but I think it's better that I not confuse before the exam, if this helps let me know. like I said, biggest thing I found was there was a lot of fliping through the book for specs and blueprints.
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