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Default Against Black Duck

I agree with Bud, this is the kind of innovation that can eliminate the need for our skills. Only need assembly persons, no creativity or training needed, just assemble the parts as directed, man.
I would also be concerned with off gassing from the materials.

Another product that is already doing harm to our trade is Nordfab, pre-manufactured round duct and fittings aimed at dust collection systems. Requires zero fabrication knowledge, and minimal experience or expertise to install. Expensive to purchase, easy to install. You barely even need any tools, the joints lock together with self sealing clamps, and adjustable self sealing sections mean no cutting required. If you don't know how to hang the stuff, they will tell you how to do it.

These "innovations" cost more up front, but have features that are attractive to building owners/operators and general contractors. Number one feature?
They can virtually eliminate one sub trade from the job site, anyone can install these products, and anyone can order them from the online catalogues.

Most disturbing of all to me is seeing this product (Nordfab) "flat spec'd" by the engineers. In other words
only this manufactured product will be approved for installation.

This year in B.C. 59 schools province wide with wood shops are tearing out all existing dust collection systems (in some cases the equipment is re-used) and installing all new Nordfab pipe and in some cases new dust collectors as well. They don't need Sheet Metal Workers to install this product (but theres nothing stopping us from bidding on the work)

The driving force behind this program is the possibility of dust explosions.
Explosions blamed on fine wood dust and resulting fires caused fatalities in two B.C. sawmills in 2012 this has led to a lot of repair and retro-fit demanded by the insurance industry.
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