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Default Pexto 0585

I have a very abused Pexto 0585 that someone years ago removed gears from for an unknown reason.

I understand that Roper Whitney is still in business. Have in the past purchased parts for machines from "authorized parts distributors", at exorbitant prices. With this machine no time is being lost with it down, cost is not a secondary consideration but rather primary. I'm cleaning out the garage and this tool is going to be sold one way or the other. I much prefer to sell it working, it has ogee bead and crimper wheels what can be used together on 20 ga., this is a heavy machine.

I have contacted a company in California that specializes in out of date machine manuals with no results. Also have contacted several on line dealers for used parts/information with no result.

As it stands now I'm not even sure of the configuration of the gears. My guess is the nut that is currently on the middle shaft is not from the factory.

I'm approaching this problem in various directions.

First used parts if available.

Second finding a detailed parts list for the machine. Roper Whitney throws around information like manhole covers. I know this from past dealings with them.

Third some person has one and can tell me for sure what is suppose to be there. Also how many teeth are on the middle gear.

Fourth if it's repaired and working well then I need to replace the top bushing it's worn out and the wheel nuts are missing.

Gears are available from suppliers if you know all the information about them. My son works designing machinery (in the USA!!) and can work it all out with the information in my third approach.

Any information regards this topic will be greatly appreciated.
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