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Originally Posted by mike39 View Post
Hi Dad, thanx for your reply. No, I have never received any formal training. I did spend about the first two years with a journeyman, but since then I have been a sub-contractor, primarily in new housing. I have almost 13 yrs experience, and close to 2500 installs, but I have always felt I was an installer, not a tinbasher. Now I find myself in a position where I am going to need to be able to pull permits and buy furnaces, and no one seems to want a 40 yr old apprentice with that much experience(nor do first year wages interest me much).

I know that there is a bunch of stuff I am missing in my training. I've never worked the bench really, so I will soon be trying to teach myself layout and pattern development. I haven't designed many systems, so right now I am teaching myself heat loss calculations and such.

I guess those are the two biggest things preventing me from attempting this at this time; the math and the layout. In hindsight, I probably should have tried to get indentured 13 yrs ago, but........
Also, the amount of formally trained people in this forum that failed on the first attempt is a little dis-concerting.
If all you've done is hang ductwork, it's going to be tough.

Originally Posted by mike39 View Post
Does anyone know if the 17 books offered for 4.99 are any good? The publication dates seem pretty old to be relevant, but I'll take any knowledge I can get.
The best 5 bucks you'll ever spend.

Originally Posted by mike39 View Post
OK, another question. I can't seem to find a U value for residential walls. Is the U value of a 2x6 exterior wall(wood, insulation, poly) determined by the insulation?(In other words, is it an R value instead of a U value)
R value is the resistance capacity of the envelope. (outside to in).
U value is the flow rate through the envelope. (inside to out).
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