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Default shop layout

Originally Posted by russhvac
i am new to the sheet metal field, i am puuting together a shop and was looking for a basic( or complicated ) for a machine should it flow. splitter to pittsburgh to break. so i can have a shop that flows and we are not falling over each other..maybe a drawing of where it all goes.. i would appreciate everyones advice..
Russ- I've always tried to set my shop up to accomidate the work being done. I normally fab most of my duct, so my sheet steel rack is beside my layout bench. from there it moves through the pittsburg to the assembly bench. (all on the same wall). At the end of the 2nd bench is my 8' brake and 4' pan/box. on an additional bench behind me ( when standing at the layout bench) is my shear table, bar folder, rotary machines, etc. Behind that bench on another table are my forming stakes, bench vise, grinder, and that area transitions to where my anvil and forge are located. My S&Drive machine is in that general area also, just because it's heavy, and it was positioned close to the door it arrived through! Hope some of this helps. Good luck.
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