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[quote="Bounder"]The last sheet metal roof I fabricated was expected to last 150 to 200 years depending upon acid rain. The material is lead coated copper, looks like galvanized in color but fabricates like copper for the most part. It is installed on the rear section of the Indian King Tavern in Haddonfield NJ. The Tavern goes back before the Revolution and at one time was where the legislators for the colonies of NJ met when Trenton was overrun . It was also occupied by Hessian Troops for a while at least once maybe twice.

The road in front is Kings Highway, the name goes back 300 years + .

You lucky bastard. I would LOVE to work on a historical building such as that. Here in L.A., we tear down our history and build strip malls. Just make sure you wear gloves when handling that lead coated copper.
Lucky dog.....
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