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Hey Pricer,
There are two old means of prepping Galvanized for painting.
1- Watered down muraitic acid. And I do not know what the ratio of acid to water is. But it is imperative to mix it. Otherwise the acid will remove the zinc coating entirely; thus removing the protection from rust that zinc coating offers.
2- Vinegar. While basic, it is still an acidic-- acetic acid-- compound. In all my years watching painters prep galv. metal, most have used vinegar.
Since it's been years since I've actually worked in the trade, I'm sure that as technology has progressed, so have the options for prepping metal. It's a cost issue.
A gallon of plain vinegar costs less than a dollar, and goes quite a ways. It just stinks.
A gallon of Muriatic acid costs about 2-5 dollars, and with mixing, it should go even farther than the vinegar. buying a jug of metal prep by Jasco would cost a whole lot more, and not go anywhere as near as far.
Good to see you're still hanging out.
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