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Is true, totally all (well... almost all) can be done with the PM2000 program. But it's another program! Problem with that is that it again costs money. I am sure we don't use Cadduct to the fullest. But Cadduct isn't THAT great. I am often thinking that with PM2000 all will be done faster. Now the CADpeople draw in Cadduct, and the "impossible" parts in PM2000. PM2000 is on a different system, so they have to switch computersystems.
BUT!!! PM2000 has a luxury problem. It has too many parts in it. Some parts are too expensive to produce. (Time consuming)
For example: The production refuse to make a bend like a corkscrew. I still want to let one be produced, in a sneaky way. And see if they get angry at me.
Over here the people form Cadduct have to come over from the UK. What I heard is that those guys cost a fortune.
So... it's up to the CADpeople to tweak CADduct.
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