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Default no clue cooking

My daughter and I eat mostly fish, salmon (We are financially challenged so it is farm raised, but NOT from China.) and Tilapia and if it is on sale cod.... We have not used our oven or broiler in about 8 months. Ever since we discovered the 100% charcoal that's real wood charcoal and those easy lighting sticks at Publix we grill on our little grill every night. Since we are in an upstairs apartment with small balconies that's all we can manage. Sometimes we smoke it with some hickory or mesquite chips added sometimes not. We concoct a marinade and toss on various spices from cloves to paprika and either destroy the meal or create an enjoyable feast. Lately I have been experimenting with Portabella mushrooms. I am a cerftified mushroom hater but if you soak these guys in an egg wash, lightly bread them with either Panko or dried potato flakes drip a bit of home made BBQ sauce on them and stuff them with any mixture you like...I've done cabbage, shrimp, tomatoes, sea scallops ect.... and grill them they are awesome. I've even had them for breakfast with white gravy sauce and eggs.. what's it called sunny side up...
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