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Originally Posted by Bendarulz View Post
No it is recessed into the mortar.Its just when the mortar has been cut out .5 inches wide originally other than putting more mortar back in which they usually dont want to pay for you have to use something.And if you notice there are no exposed fasteners on the counterflashing so how would you think it is holding so tight?I dont half ass the cut it and step and nail and caulk it.I dont mean to come off as pissy but I have been doing this for awhile and to make assumptions that I dont know what the standard size panel for a flat lock panel or properly installed counter flashing is almost more insulting than anything.Sorry to waste anyones time but I dont need info that any first year sheet metal worker should know.Have a nice day!
I'm wondering if a different color caulking would have looked a little better. Why didn't you caulk in the vertical?
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