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Hi Bud,
Thanks again for info. Could you help me with e few questions, please? I'm sorry I'm new (only 1y experience), so I'm trying to learn and to figure out about more things. I can't find the correct answer for these questions:
1. A Commercial Elbow 22x10 with a radius of 12'' requires only: (A. 1 Turning Vane) ?
b) 2 Turning Vanes
c) 3 Turning Vanes
d) None of the above

2. Does a Transition 24x10 reducing to 10x10 comply with SMACNA?
b) No

3. Which file removes the most material?
a. rat tail
b. single cut
c. double cut
d. mill cut

4. The top leaf of a hand brake should be adjusted back
a. 1 mat. thickness
b. 1.5 mat. thickness
c. 2 mat. thickness
d. 2.5 mat thickness

5. Boiler breeching should be angled__ per foot?(B. 1/4")
a. 1/8"
c. 3/8"
d. 1/2"

6. 10" rods on 3 on12 roof how long are rods 10 ft away?

7. For every 100' of gutter, there should be at least 2 downspouts on either end? (A. True) ?
b) False

8. Calculate the wedge to cut out of a circle to form the top of a china cap?

Is there any formula to calculate it or some specific numbers?

Also, I remember from my first exam, there were a few questions about ventilators, chimney, maintenance, problem solving with connectors, something about flexible connection, various holders etc. Could you recomend me where can I find some information on the internet? I know there is a lot of info, but where exactly it would be?
And it would be nice if somebody could put here more questions from the exam. They really help to learn, to prepare for the exam.
Thanks, I appreciate everyone's help here. It works.

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