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Default Need help on circle cutter also rivet set

Greetings fellas'
I have need of the advice of some of you older guys who have worked on circle cutters. Mine is an older model (1910-1940 I'm guessing) Waag( Niagara?) circle cutter. Just a circle not a RING and circle cutter.
The problem is when I cut one out the circle, it is not only not perfectly round but it has a slight burr all around the edge ( sort of a turn down but not too sharp) The circle is round except for a small "nipple" (don't laugh)
at where the cut finishes.
I tried to remedy this by shearing into the blank first about a quarter inch from the edge and then clamping the center, so I would not have a flat spot to start on, but that does not seem to help. ( If you've never used a circle shear it's a little hard to explain this, but...)
There are 2 bolts that hold the clamping head to the table and you can adjust the alignment of the head to be centered to the cutting blades.
There is also the bolt that lets you raise or lower the clamp height and the one on top that lets you adjust the tension of how tight you want to clamp the metal.
If any of you " old timers" or any of you guys who have just worked on a lot of machinery could give me any advise before I start "tinkering" I would appreciate it.
Also if any of you older fellas who have 'set' tinner's rvets before, you know what a rivet set looks like. The hole in the end is to 'set' the rivet and the concave dimple is to round up the head. What is the hole in the SIDE of set for? For years, I have been told it was for the little piece of metal that you pierced through to fall out of.
The other day I got an older sheet metal book and it said "hole for smoothing up the burr" ??
Would any of you guys know what this means?

Thanks for any info you can come up with
R. Stone- whitesmith
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