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masterwelder 05-10-2014 10:38 AM

Rotary Machine Training Media/Materials
Hello Everyone-
We teach a basic sheetmetal layout class at a community college and we use pretty much exclusively the Pexto 622 and other rotary machines such as the "easy edger" for simple layouts like buckets, pans, wired edges, beading, etc. While we have plenty of video/printed material on parallel, radial, and triangulation methods, detailed use of rotary machines seems harder to find. Would especially like to find some video if possible-but will settle for printed material if it details step by step. Anyone have any leads/info on such material-or suggestions what helped you in your training? For the student to be able to see it repetitively or have a printed resource to go over at their own pace and study seems to help tremendously. Thanks in advance for your help!

john_galt 05-23-2014 07:43 AM

Welcome to the site masterwelder. I posted a link from the sheet metal aids section from this web site. I've never seen the DVD but judging from who made it, should be good. Maybe somebody will chime in. Roll forming is a lost art and glad someone's passing it on.
I've got and old roll chart that's very helpful, I'll try to post it. Check out an old book
"Audels Sheet Metal Workers Pattern Layouts" it has some good stuff in it, old period stuff.

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