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03-08-2013, 03:17 PM
We have a chance to be awarded a project in a local data center for a large comuter company. While there is some duct on the job, the bulk of the work is to fabricate and install about 250' lineal feet of sheet metal gutter under chilled water S&R piping. While we have done this work before, it has never been this many feet and had the number of 90 degree turns that this job calls for. The gutter system as shown on the prints varies between 18" and 24" wide and will be 2" deep.

Normally for this type of installation we have butted and spliced the gutter, fastened with rivets, and then caulked watre tight with some thype of silicon caulk.

On this project, while the specs do not call for it, we have heard that the owner may want all the seams welded or soldered, which makes sense, but it was not called out on the print as such.

I was wondering if anyone out there is familiar with this type of work and has any input, possibly on alternative joining methods that have been met with approval .


03-30-2013, 06:40 AM
First of all I disagree with the concept of having to weld or solder connections. I agree with your plan of connecting the pans together with flat s-locks, pop riveted and caulked with siliconed. Argument being that those pans are there for extra protection from a potential leak thar may occur nit for free flowing water. With proper sloping of the pans to a nipple if any water of any amount would never be able to stand in the pan. If no nipples for draining are required perhaps you can install a few float switches to enable an alarm to warn of water standing in pan. But again these are all worst case scenario odds are there will never be such a leak to cause that affect. These pans are intended for extra protection for the expensive fragile equipment. If pans get say a half inch of water in them you having another problem you need to be concerned with. Welded or not if there is no float switches or drain nipples than the pans will over flow and that's an even great mess.. I would approach the issue that these pans are for extra protection and are never intended to hold free flowing water. Either with drain nipples and or float switches to alert of a potential leak in the piping system. However, lol, regardless how convincing your case may be the customer may want the overkill approach regardless. If so than I would fall back to the specs on how you bid it and if it wasn't spelled out that way I would ask for an extra. And surely prefab as much as you can to prevent as many field joints as you can in the air. Lol sorry for being so long winded, hope this helps.