View Full Version : Turning Vanes, Elbow Radius

02-28-2013, 10:20 AM
After searching the various posts on these subjects, I'm now not only suffering from CRS, advanced confusion and information overload have occurred. I'm trying to determine the spacing of 2" vanes in radius els, and the 1 1/2 X has me confused. I'll try to explain an example, since my computer skills don't include posting a sketch. 16x8 duct, 16 against joists, turning flat against joists. Should the radius be 24" or 12"? This is one that I think I know the answer, but keep second guessing myself. I know I could just buy my fittings already made and not worry about it, but that would waste my skills and equipment, as wel as the chance to pass the knowledge down to my Grandsons, as my Dad and Uncle passed them on to me. A little off, or way off subject, but I recently bought an electric pittsburgh hammer, replacing the one that disappeared when they retired. My 8 year old Grandson has helped me knock down locks with a setting hammer or mallet many times, so the first time he saw me use the new hammer, he went to the house and told Grandma he had been replaced by a machine!!! Sorry I got so long winded. John